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Our mission is to build a diverse farming enterprise that produces high quality, sustainable food with the highest standards of welfare for the animals, plants, and us.

At Our Mates’ Farm we grow our apples organically, with minimal inputs, and store them with no chemical inputs used to extend their storage life.   We rotationally graze our organic cattle and sheep through the pasture and orchard on the property, which produces healthy soil, and by extension, healthy grass.

We free range our rare-breed Wessex Saddleback and Large Black pigs, rotating them through paddocks to allow the grass to recover.  We feed them apples from the orchard throughout the year.

We are passionate about everything we produce, and enjoy showing people our farming system.  We want to show you that there is a better way to buy food, straight from the farm, where you know exactly how it is grown.

We believe that complete transparency should be the cornerstone of our food system.

What We Do