Springtime in the orchard

It’s spring! A few of our apple trees are starting to wake up. The latest picked always seem to be the first to bud!

It’s the busiest time on the farm, especially on the orchard front. We haven’t quite finished our pruning (a winter job that always slides through into late spring – eek), and the warming temperatures and rain events also mean the start of organic spraying. Plus the weeds in our home garden are happily growing along with all the sun and rain!

Thanks to our mates at Fat Pig Farm – a tiny cameo on ‘The Gourmet Farmer’, and apparently their weekly newsletter! – we have seen a few drop-ins on our website, with increasing interest in our orchard pork and lamb. So here’s a small update on what we have available:

  • Our lamb will be available around Dec/Jan and again in April/May, once we have tested a lamb or two for ourselves and are happy with the quality. 
  • The next pork sides will be available in mid October. However these have nearly sold out.
  • We have plenty of pork sides available from mid-November. These is the pre-Christmas batch and will include whole bone-in leg ham!
  • You can buy our certified organic apples from Harvest Feast at Saturday’s Salamanca Markets, or Unpacked Wholefoods in Kingston (plus our juice and dried apples), as well as our small honesty-box stall at our farm gate (apples+juice+dried).
  • We occasionally have beef boxes available, if you are interested we can pop you on a wait list.

For information on what you get in a pork side, we have a handy info sheet in the Contact/Orders page, as well as a great unpacking video on the May 7 posting (scroll down in Latest News). You can send us a message, or drop in an order form and we will get back to you with more information!

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Happy springtime, with all the potential it brings!

Matt & Cor
Our Mates’ Farm, Geeveston